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Mini Micro Deluxe LED

Product Description: 

This Micro Scooter glows with motion-powered LED wheels generated through dynamo mechanics. The wheels’ dazzling illumination not only makes riding your scooter more fun, it also enhances your visibility in the dark. In contrast to the classic Mini Micro, the Deluxe version has a height-adjustable handlebar, which is equipped with a safety system for children. However, parents can still easily remove the handlebar to stow the scooter under the stroller or in the trunk. The non-slip silicone footboard provides additional support and a safe ride. Thanks to the patented steering mechanism, this unique toy promotes not only movement but also balance and motor skills of the little ones. It was developed in cooperation with medical specialists especially for pre-school children. With the large selection of colours, every child will find their new favourite scooter!

Product Specifications: 

  • For children 2 to 5 years old
  • Max Load: 50kg
  • Three wheels for superior stability
  • Wheel size: 120/80mm
  • Wheel Material: PU
  • Tbar Height: 49-67cm 
  • Tbar Removable and adjustable
  • Lowered board with strengthening flexiglass
  • Deck: Reinforced fibreglass PA, Extra grippy silicone mouldings
  • Product Weight: 1,95 kg
  • Available colours: Blue, Purple, and Red
  • Patented, Swiss design

114.90 €

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