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Micro Mini LED


Product Description:

Our Mini MICRO Classic Red with LED wheels! Mobility, fun and movement combined! Surfing the sidewalks‚ the Mini Micro has been chosen Toy of the Year by kids and parents several times! This sports toy not only encourages movement and exercise, it also helps children to learn balance, coordination and motor skills. In collaboration with Swiss medical professionals, the Mini Micro was specifically designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Its unique 'lean-and-steer' design allows children to direct the scooter by using their body weight to curve from side to side. This design puts the rider in control as they enjoy the feeling of 'surfing the sidewalks'! The T-tube handle makes it even safer and there is a safe-ty lock that only parents can remove for storing. The Mini Micro's unique lean-and-steer mechanism is patented and the deck is reinforced with fibreglass. The soft plastic and rounded edges make it easier for younger children to handle and help avoid injuries. The high-quality brake has a steel spring insert and doesn't heat up while breaking. We are Mobility ‚ for everyone!


Product Specifications:

  • For children 2 to 5 years old 
  • Max Load: 50kg 
  • Three wheels for superior stability 
  • Wheel size: 120/80mm 
  • Wheel Material: PU with LED 
  • Tbar Height: 67cm 
  • Tbar Removable 
  • Lowered board with strengthening flexiglass 
  • Product Weight: 1,9 kg 
  • Available colours: Red 
  • Patented, Swiss design

89.90 € 

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