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Micro Air Hopper

Product Description: 

Bounce and Ride – Twice the fun! In a revolutionary way, the MICRO Air Hopper combines the well-known hopper ball concept with the fun of riding on wheels. The ergonomically designed children’s toy consists of two components – an inflatable main body, a chassis with 360-degree PU Wheels that are exceptionally quiet and leave no marks. The ball can be filled with more or less air depending on the size of the child, so that your kid is always safe and comfortable. With the Micro Air Hopper, the toddlers are already mobile and active before their first attempts at walking. Furthermore, beyond the giggles and fun, coordination and balance are skillfully promoted.


Product Specifications: 

  • For children 18 to 36 months old
  • Max Load: 25kg
  • Three wheels for superior stability
  • Total length: 540mm
  • Wheel size: 43*19mm
  • Wheel Material: PU
  • Wheel Hardness: Shore A 60
  • Seat Material: PVC 85 Shore A
  • Seat Height 310mm
  • Product Weight: 3,1 kg
  • Available colours: Blue and Pink

69.90 €

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