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Micro Monster Kickboard Int. Bar Volcano Grey

Product Description:
Tear up the pavement with the incredible Micro Kickboard Monster Interchangeable Bar Volcano Grey. This domineering design features three 100mm FATTIES wheels for impeccable balance, impressive speed and incredible grip. What’s more, the wood and fibreglass deck will absorb the shock of uneven surfaces so you can experience the smoothest possible ride. Mix up your scooting experience by switching from the traditional t-bar handle to the joystick handle for scooting that’s more like surfing!

In addition to duel handlebars and superior wheels, the Micro Kickboard Monster Interchangeable Bar Volcano Grey also boasts a convenient folding mechanism. Simply collapse the scooter for easy transportation and storage. With illustrious Swiss design and cutting edge engineering, it’s no surprise that the Micro Kickboard Monster is an award winning scooter.

Product Specifications:

  • weight: 5kg
  • Age class: Youth & Adults
  • Kind of Wheel: Hard rubber (PU)
  • Surface Kind: Asphalt & Cobblestone
  • Application mode: Mobility and Movement
  • Lean and steer
  • Size of wheel:  Wide ‘fatties’ 120mm for greater enjoyment and stability 
  • Flexible deck
  • Adjustable handlebar max 1020mm
  • Kind of folding: Collapsible
  • Maximum Load: 100 kg

229.90 € 

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