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BERG Rally Orange

Product Description:

You will have the best adventures with your BERG Rally. This cool gokart is stable and safe. You will remain firmly on the ground even when going round the sharpest corners. In short, discover the world with this cool go-kart! You won’t need to worry about a thing during your adventures, because the BERG Rally meets all safety requirements. The BFR-system enables you to go tearing around easily. The BERG Rally will grow with you for many years so you will have fun for a long time to come.

Adjustable steering wheel and seat

To give you many years of enjoyment, the BERG Rally’s steering wheel and seat can be adjusted. It means you can get into the ideal position in the go-kart. The seat has three positions enabling you to reach the pedals at all times. In addition, the Rally steering wheel is infinitely height adjustable so that you can easily determine the right height.


The BERG Rally is equipped with the unique, patented BFR-system. BFR stands for: Break, Forward and Reverse. The BFR-system allows you to brake using the pedals, but also reverse immediately after coming to a standstill. This makes the BERG Rally super simple and easy to ride.

Stable thanks to 4 wheels

Thanks to its four wheels, the BERG Rally has excellent stability. They allow you to corner quickly, sharply and safely. No tipping point occurs, so tipping over is virtually impossible.

Pneumatic tires

The BERG Rally has pneumatic tyres. They give you a smoother ride because these tyres have less rolling resistance and make pedalling lighter. This means that you will also be able to go faster.

Product Specifications:

  • Compact and light design; small, manoeuvrable, and yet suitable for children or adults up to 60kg.
  • Equipped with coaster brake and parking brake.
  • The BFR system allows you to brake using the pedals, but also reverse immediately after coming to a standstill. 
  • Grows with you due to the adjustable steering wheel and saddle.
  • The pneumatic tyres ensure extra comfort.
  • The four wheels and swing axle keep you grounded firmly and safely.
  • Dimesions: 124x70x64cm
  • Approximate weight: 25kg.
  • Maximum User weight: 60kg
  • CE Certified

459.90 € 

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