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Get a sneak peak of our new MICRO products arriving in a few days!!! If you can’t wait to have them we accept PHONE RESERVATIONS and as soon as we have them you can be the first to know

For our little friends (2-5 years old) we will have the New MICRO MINI DELUXE Apricot that not only encourages movement and exercise, it also helps children to learn balance, coordination and motor skills. An upgrade of the Mini Classic with an adjustable Tbar.

For our slightly order friends we will have the MICRO MAXI DELUXE FOLDABLE in two new colours!!! Volcano Grey and Berry Red!!! It can take up to 70kg and it folds very easily to facilitate both parents and children!

For our friends that want to do stunts we will have the NEW MICRO RAMP range in the cool colours of Black, Purple and Cyan!!! 

For parents we have the MICRO Ballnet!!! How many times did YOU end up carrying the ball when going for a scooter ride and football/basketball to the park? Well MICRO has the solution for you so that your kids can carry that ball while riding their scooter without even feeling burdened!

New Bells, Lights, Pads and Helmets also come to enhance our existing range!! You can see them all on our websites www.larouelibre-cyprus.com and www.microscooters-cyprus.com!

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