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New Products for Easter

New Products...JUST ARRIVED!!!!

Look what we're got for you and your loved ones just in time for Easter!!! We're expanding our range and quality still remains a priority for us!

Now, we've got TRAMPOLINES so your little ones can jump the afternoon away! And not just any trampolines, the BERG Trampolines as BERG not only specialises in Pedal Karts but also Trampolines! Trampoline exercise has many important health benefits as it stimulates your metabolism, it increases oxygen capacity, it improves your sense of balance and it increases oxygen circulation to tissues. Trampolining strengthens the heart (Cardiovascular health), increases energy and sense of vitality, and firms and tones the muscles. Also for all the mums out there, one of the lesser known but more popular facts is that, as studies have shown, the activity of trampolining is one of the most beneficial methods to genuinely reduce cellulite.

Most of all though it makes you and your little ones smile, laugh and is great FUN! This has proven health benefits in itself as it generally means that you keep doing it if you enjoy it.

Also available at our shop are some new MICRO products. We all know and love MICRO!

There is the MAXI Deluxe, the newest version of the MAXI, with a more renewed design that can take up to 70kg (for ages 5-12 or older depending on weight). And also check out the MAXI Deluxe Foldable!!!!

Another excellent product from MICRO is the Mini2Go Deluxe+ that is for children as young as 18months. It works as a ride on scooter with adjustable handlebar and removable drawer (perfect for toys, nappies and parenting essentials). Inside the drawer is a light which can also be removed and used as a riding light. The Mini 2 Go

Deluxe Plus also includes a steering pole allowing you to take control when necessary. When the child grows older you can turn it into a normal scooter by simply removing the seat and drawer! It just grows with your child!

Teens and adults should also check out the new MICRO Rocket Sky Blue with its fat wheels! It can take up to 100kg and it is a marvel to ride! It definitely makes heads turn!

Finally, we have some more new products from our French brand D'ARPEJE! We have the fun Swing Scooter that is appropriate for adults as well and gives the sensation of skiing! We have Electric Quads for you little ones and we also have the E1 Electric Scooter that can take up to 70kg! 

Feel free to visit our website for more details and to pass by the shop and give them a go!!!!

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