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The Blokart is a 3 wheeled kart which uses a sail to provide traction. It was first designed in New Zealand by Paul Becket as a recreation product for the entire family.
A Blokart is controlled using the hands only, meaning that a person’s size and mobility can not stop them from enjoying themselves on one.
Blokarts are also very safe, provided that the right protection measures are taken, and we are here to make sure that you are safe!

Blokart Sailing is a brand new sport in Cyprus. This outdoor activity is becoming popular, mainly due to its large accessibility. We use different spots depending of the wind condition. The main spot is at Lady's mile in Limassol where you can enjoy driving your kart freely in a vast area without disturbances and in total respect of the wonderful natural environment.

Under our friendly supervision, you will learn to advance, turn and stop in less than 15 minutes! A blokart is easy to drive, making it fun to use for recreation, as well as for pushing the limits of what you can do. We organise fun events for the whole family, as well as friendly racing.
The blokarts we use are very well maintained. 
Just have a look at all the photos and videos on our Facebook page to get an idea of all the fun you can have and if you are interested, just BOOK NOW by calling us on +357 99409654!

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